Monday, October 27, 2008

:: PC - Eight Cores ::

OK, I was out of touch the whole weekend. That's because I traveled to another city on a freelance job. This guy hired me to install a Dell Poweredge 1900 for his company. At first I didn't pay much attention to the hardware. All I did was installing Bluewhite64 on that server and Slackware on the firewall (an Athlon XP 2400+). When the installations were done, the computers were rebooted, and then I got amazed. The server has two Xeon Quad-Core processors, that is... EIGHT PROCESSORS. That was very nice, eight Tuxes showing up on the top of the screen :)

So, two more machines under my wing, one running Slackware 12.1, the other running Bluewhite64 12.1.

After the first day of work (yes in fact there were some minor details left for the next day, but for that I would need some information the guy) my client showed up and asked "Are you done for today?" I said "Well, yes but..." then he told me I could drop that and I should go with him and his girlfriend to a party. To my full amazement, the party was full of models (or very beautiful girls). Don't worry! I am married and I behaved very well. I swear by Yoda' soul that I haven't touched anyone :P But I have to admit that my mouth fell to the ground when one of them entered the place. Damn that girls is beautiful. I tell you, that was the most beautiful girl I have EVER seen in my life... well, at least one that wasn't a JPG or AVI file *LOL*. And I was told her boyfriend is something like Schwarzenneger. OUCH! So I had more reasons to behave myself ;) And before I forget, there was a very beautiful photographer there too. Nope, not my client hehehehehe a friend of his. Wanna know what made her ever nicer? She bought an ASUS EEPC and she kept Linux installed on it (not as many brazilians who buy those kind of computers, remove Linux and install Window$ XP). She even told me she was enjoying Linux, because it was lighter, faster and prettier than Windows :) Yeah, suck that up, Balmer :P

Other than those news... only one hell of a rain all the weekend long. Crappy! Or should I say creepy!?!

OK, let me concentrate on my slackbuild scripts for agg and gnash :) As soon as I have those alright I will create packages for BW64. Go me! :P

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