Monday, September 08, 2008

:: Movies - The Dark Knight ::

Sure, this will not be the first nor the best blog post about The Dark Knight. But, since I have been writing a bit about movies I watched AND I watched this particular movie on last Saturday (yes, ladies and gents, yes, the movie finally arrived in my city), I had to come and post about it, right?

Firstly, yes I am a big fan of Batman. I don't remember when I first saw one of "his" comics, I just know I was really young. Most likely I didn't know how to read by that time.

Secondly, yes I purposedly chose a movie poster with the Jocker, because he is the man of the movie. Yes, yes, everybody talked about Heath Ledger's performance, how good it was, bla bla bla, that he deserves an Oscar, bla bla bla.

Bla bla bla my ass! He does deserve a freaking Oscar! "A freaking Oscar"... please pay attention to the bold words... and his performance: FREAKING! I do think Jack Nicholson did a wonderful job when he played the Jocker. But what Ledger did is hard to be beaten.

Aaron Eckhart was amazing as Harvey Dent too. Congratulations Mr. Eckhart, very good job. It was very nice to see "the other face" of Harvey Two Faces. I mean, what Harvey Dent was before becoming Two Faces. I wish there was more of Two Faces on the movie......oops, SHUT UP, PUNK!

Maggie Gyllenhaal is another story. Sorry lady, but your work, at least on this movie, was not good. Perhaps the script writers, or the director, or it is someone else to blame, but Rachel Dawes was not nice on this movie. No, I don't think Kate Holmes did an oustanding job when she played Rachel. But surely she was prettier ;)

Too bad the theater/cinema here in my city sucks so bad. The sound quality (???) is terrible. Even my TV set at home has better sound (and it is a simple one). I have to remember and send an email to the guys who manage that cinema (or even better to one of the newspapers in the city) complaining about that. The movie is about 2h30min and I didn't see/feel the time passing. The Dark Knight is not one of those movies which takes loooong to finish, nor one of those which ends too quickly. It was made in the right measure. I won't talk much about specific points of the movie to avoid spoiling the fun for those who haven't watched it yet. But one little thing I can say: yes guys, Christian Bale could have used other techniques to avoid people finding Bruce Wayne is the Batman. That kind of voice he does when wearing the black suit... just doesn't sound right. Hey, I do like his work, but that voice is not nice. Perhaps he could fake a stronger voice, a deeper one... but that thing he did? Ouch! Yes, thanks to the sound quality at "our cinema" the problem is even worse. Crap!

Now I will wait for the DVD, so I can watch again. If the cinema didn't suck so bad, I would watch it again there. Since it does... WAIT, Kenjiro, WAIT!

Oh yeah, the way the Batpod was introduced on the story, that was great!

See ya!

:: New writer ::

Just a very quick post to let you guys know my cousin might join me on this site/blog. Soon enough I hope he will be posting around ;)

Remember, buddy, you can post about ANYTHING! Just don't shock people too much, ok? *LOL*

See ya

Thursday, September 04, 2008

:: Linux - Timing KDE 4.1.1 compile ::

OK, as promised to psychicist and to you guys, here goes the result of my "experiment". First I compiled KDE 4.1.1 using 'make -j4' and it took 136m3.569s (136 minutes and 3.569 seconds); then I tried 'make -j8' and it took 126m16.009s (126 minutes and 16.009 seconds).

Now, you tell me. What's best, '-j4' or '-j8'? ;)

Ok, enough geek talking for today ;)

Ah, sure! I promised the URL for you to download KDE 4.1.1 packages for Bluewhite64, right? There you go:

Have fun!

:: Linux - KDE 4.1.1 ::

Oops, I did it again!

No, I am no fan of Britney Spears *LOL* OK, I admit some years ago i thought she was hot, but not anymore :P

This post is about KDE 4.1.1. It was released yesterday and since yesterday I have the packages for Bluewhite64. Yep, I did it. Right now I am uploading the packages to BW64's repository. As soon as everything is on the server I will let you know (and post the direct link).

Since I had some small problems while compiling kdewebdev (because of tidy), I couldn't time the compile process correctly, and since me and psychicist want to know if there is a difference from compiling stuff using 'make -j4' or 'make -j8', I am recompiling everything ;). Right now I am running the compile with a 'make -j4'. After that I will compile everything again with 'make -j8'. Yes, call me crazy, nerd, geek or whatever, but we do have to find that out ;)

Anyway, that's what Quadcore CPUs are made for, right? :) Not for people who only use M$ Office, play solitaire, use MSN and read their email with that crappy M$ Outlook.

Go Open Source!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

:: Movies - Vantage Point ::

Yet another good movie: Vantage Point. My cousin got this movie on the video store, watched it and said it was pretty good. So he lent me DVD and I took it home to watch with my wife as soon as our little princess would be sleeping. Well, I said this before: pregancy is tough stuf. My wife was tired and didn't hold on much longer, so she was asleep before the middle of the movie.

NO, NO, NO! Vantage Point is not boring. It's really a good movie, as my cousin said. I really enjoyed the way the story is told. All characters are well played. Too bad I have become a smartass when it comes to movies. I could guess some small parts of the movie, but that didn't spoil the whole fun.

Hey, Dennis Quaid, beware, you are getting old, man ;)

And.. hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmm watch out for that girl (Ayelet Zurer).

So, here is another of my "movie advices" hehehe This a very good one. Go for it!

:: Movies - Wanted ::

No, no, I am not "Wanted, daed or alive!". I am talking about the movie Wanted, which I watched last Saturday night.

To be begin with, people, remember it is based on a comic book. Yes, the movie is a bit crazy; it is a mix of Sci-Fi and Action; but it is good. At least, in my humble opinion (IMHO), it is a very good movie. Although the story is not that much creative, I liked the story telling. I won't say much more than this. I could, yes I could. But I am not willing to spoil the movie for those who haven't watched it yet. Here in my city it hasn't reached the cinema yet :( Yep, crappy cinema, crappy cinema!

Oh, James McAvoy did well on this movie. I have seen him on The Chronicles of Narnia, but I really don't remember him. Sorry, fellow! To tell the truth, when I saw that image (this one on the left) in front of the cinema (yes, the movie poster is there for a month already, but the movie hasn't arrived) I thought "ouch, that must be an action movie and I bet the main character is a big, tough guy." Hahahahaa, it was really interesting seeing James McAvoy in the main role. Good job.

Uh.. What? Do you really think I should talk about Angelina Jolie's role on this movie? Well, let's be quick: she is a damn great actress. Ah yes, of course she looks great. Those who know me.. well, they know I am a big fan of Mrs. Jolie. Enough said ;)

If you can (as in "yes, there is a decent cinema in my city/tow", stop reading this and go watch the movie :P