Thursday, October 23, 2008

:: Linux - rtorrent on Bluewhite64 ::

I don't remember exactly when it happened, but a friend of mine who barely uses Linux once said I should try rtorrent (a bittorrent client), since I was looking for a better client for CLI (console, command line). I gave it a try and WOW, it is good!

So today (almost one year after I first tried rtorrent) I decided to upload the packages I made for my Bluewhite64 machine to the repository. And since I am a nice guy, I also uploaded the libraries the program depends on. If you are interested on it, just follow the links bellow:


OK, I did my good deed for today ;) Now let me find some cookie to eat :D

Changing the subject just a little bit...

It's very nice being able to contribute to the Opens Source/Free Software comunity. Even if the contribution is small like those of mine (creating packages or writing mini-howtos). Things like these make life better, funnier. OK, that might be solely my view, the view of a nerd/geek. People who just buy/use other people's/company's software probably don't feel what we, the ones contributing, feel. Well, perhaps not everyone contributing feel the same way I do, who knows! Yep, perhaps I am just another crazy guy around the corner *LOL*

Later I might upload qcomicbook (a hell of a nice software to read comic books on your computer) to the respository too ;)

See ya

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