Monday, November 10, 2008

:: Linux - KDE-4.1.3 ::

OK, better later than never, right? The post is late as was the packages making. Anyway, last week I got KDE 4.1.3 packages done for Bluewhite64. If you'd like to test it, please go here -> <-

It took me longer to release these packages because I was a bit dumb by then *LOL*. Thing is I had messed with my system in order to install an application (don't remember the name) which required QT-3. Even by telling it to use '--with-qt-dir=/usr/lib/qt-3.3.8b' the damn thing wouldn't compile. So I had to create some symlinks.... and the thing is I forgot to remove those symlinks. Result? Well, kdebindings-4.1.3 wasn't enjoying those symlinks, thus giving me a "nice" headache. I finally found the reason of my headache (my stupidity). I removed the symlinks, put everything back to normal and voila, kdebindings-4.1.3 was compiled, thus allowing me to release the whole set of packages.

And as a bonus (or loads of bonuses), this time I released the kde-l10n set of packages too. So if you are not a lover of the English language, you can choose another. Hopefully your "mother language" will be there :)

Please let me know if everything is OK or not.

On another note, today I was trying to compile pinentry against QT-4, but that wasn't possible so far. Why recompiling that? Well, pinentry, on BW64 (and Slackware too) has the "pinentry-qt" program, which, as far as I understand, is used by KMail and Dolphin (or Konqueror on KDE-3.x.x) to work with encrypted files (or to sign messages/files/etc). But pinentry LOVES qt-3 :( So that's one of the reasons I have to keep qt-3.3.8b installed on my system.

My computer just finished compiling, packaging and installing k3b-1.95 (from SVN). Let's see if that will be one less app to require qt-3 from me ;)

I'll let you know when I have more news .

See ya

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