Thursday, October 16, 2008

:: Linux - KVirc 3.4.2 ::

Well, after some long time (at least for me) KVirc got a new release (on 14/10/2008): version 3.4.2. As far as I read it is more of a bug fix release. So, I got the source code to see if I could get it to compile on Bluewhite64. I saw on their site they have packages for Slackware and Slamd64, very nice. But no, they don't have it for BW64. So... there I go again ;)

First I tried to compile it against qt-3.3.8b, that didn't work. OK, most of the blame could fall on me since I am keeping qt-3.3.8b and qt-4.4.3 "living in harmony" (or not so) on the same system. After some time getting punched on the nose I decided to get brave and try compiling KVirc against QT4. What would do the magic is using "--enable-qt4" on the "./configure" step. I did that, no problem. But when it came to the "make" part of the fun I got loads of errors. Talking to HelLViS69 on #kvirc channel, I got some nice tips to try and fix those first errors.

So the first tip was to erase the file "src/modules/help/index.moc"; after that I restarted to compile and got another error. The next tip told me to include a line on "src/modules/logview/logviewmdiwindow.h":

#include QKeyEvent //there should be a "<" before QKeyEvent and a ">" after it

Then, another (and last) error showed up. The tip was to edit the dialog.h file and add:
#include QDesktopWidget //there should be a "<" before QDesktopWidget and a ">" after it

That did the trick. KVirc-3.4.2 is now compiled and packaged for Bluewhite64. Remember, I did that against QT4. I still haven't got the time to test it, but as soon as possible I will do it and report here.

Right now? Oh, I am downloading KVirc 4 (beta?) and will compile it too *LOL*

See ya

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