Sunday, October 19, 2008

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Yesterday I went to an event from the TcheLinux group. I knew about their existence for some time already, but I never took the time to check on the group and perhaps be part of it. Want to know about them? OK, just click that link on the begining of this post and be happy ;)

The event was for free, or... almost that. People only had to bring 2kg of food (like beans, rice, etc). As they said, the presentations were of beginer and intermediate level. I liked the ones I attended, but in special I really enjoyed the one about Patches (writing/managing patches). Oh, sure, the whole event was about Open Source/Free Software (for those who might be wondering if they were talking about rocket science :P). Really thanks to Douglas Landgraf (sorry buddy, but first time I saw your full name I read "Douglas Gandalf" *LOL*) for the "quilt" tip. That's a very interesting software that I had never heard about. Oh, OK, part of the fault is mine since just now I began to really put a bit of energy on helping the Free Software/Open Source comunity ;)

Tomorrow I should create that patch for kvirc-3.4.2 (just for those interested on compiling it on Bluewhite64).

Ah! Last friday I bought a new keyboard. No, it's not fancy or shiny. It's just a black keyboard, quite cheap, but I am enjoying it. Good "typing sensation", soft, good response, quite "noiseless" hehehehe (not that this would matter much nowadays that my computer isn't close to our bed room) and BLACK ;) .

OK, see ya!

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