Tuesday, October 07, 2008

:: Linux - KDE 4.1.2 ::

OK dokey, here I am, still alive, yes! ;)

Don't worry people, everything is alright on my side of the globe. I've just been quite busy. Oh sure, I forgot to tell you that my son is already born. Yep, most of my being busy has to do with family. The kid is great, he is a beutiful baby and, for now, looks like his father *LOL*. But don't worry, he will be better as time goes by ;)

On the geek/nerd part of my life, KDE 4.1.2 was released on October 3 and on that same day we had packages for Bluewhite64. Indeed, thanks to Coruscant for the quick compiling and packaging hehehehe

But then today I decided to check on KDE-4 dependencies and I found out most of them had newer versions. So I downloaded them and recompiled the whole dependecy tree. After that, yes, a new compiling of KDE 4.1.2 (so it would match/use the new stuff). Right now I have already uploaded all the deps to BW64 repository and I am already re-uploading the KDE 4.1.2 packages.

For those who care to know, Coruscant took 71min to compile and package the deps, against 131min for KDE.

OK, I am tired and need some rest. See ya!

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