Monday, October 20, 2008

:: Linux - KVirc 3.4.2 - Part 2 ::

OK, since Douglas's presentation was good enough to make me jump into the "patching land", I wrote/created a small patch that can make your life much easier if you want to compile kvirc-3.4.2 on Bluewhite64 against QT-4 (like I did). So, just use kvirc-x86_64-libs.diff.gz and be happy. How to use that? Decompress kvirc-3.4.2.tar.(gz or bz2) and do this:

cd kvirc-3.4.2
zcat PATH-TO-THE-PATCH/kvirc-x86_64-libs.diff.gz | patch -p2
sh ./
./configure (use the options you like best)
make install (you need to be root for this last one)
Isn't that easier than the weird explanation I gave on the other post? ;)

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