Monday, October 27, 2008

:: PC - Eight Cores ::

OK, I was out of touch the whole weekend. That's because I traveled to another city on a freelance job. This guy hired me to install a Dell Poweredge 1900 for his company. At first I didn't pay much attention to the hardware. All I did was installing Bluewhite64 on that server and Slackware on the firewall (an Athlon XP 2400+). When the installations were done, the computers were rebooted, and then I got amazed. The server has two Xeon Quad-Core processors, that is... EIGHT PROCESSORS. That was very nice, eight Tuxes showing up on the top of the screen :)

So, two more machines under my wing, one running Slackware 12.1, the other running Bluewhite64 12.1.

After the first day of work (yes in fact there were some minor details left for the next day, but for that I would need some information the guy) my client showed up and asked "Are you done for today?" I said "Well, yes but..." then he told me I could drop that and I should go with him and his girlfriend to a party. To my full amazement, the party was full of models (or very beautiful girls). Don't worry! I am married and I behaved very well. I swear by Yoda' soul that I haven't touched anyone :P But I have to admit that my mouth fell to the ground when one of them entered the place. Damn that girls is beautiful. I tell you, that was the most beautiful girl I have EVER seen in my life... well, at least one that wasn't a JPG or AVI file *LOL*. And I was told her boyfriend is something like Schwarzenneger. OUCH! So I had more reasons to behave myself ;) And before I forget, there was a very beautiful photographer there too. Nope, not my client hehehehehe a friend of his. Wanna know what made her ever nicer? She bought an ASUS EEPC and she kept Linux installed on it (not as many brazilians who buy those kind of computers, remove Linux and install Window$ XP). She even told me she was enjoying Linux, because it was lighter, faster and prettier than Windows :) Yeah, suck that up, Balmer :P

Other than those news... only one hell of a rain all the weekend long. Crappy! Or should I say creepy!?!

OK, let me concentrate on my slackbuild scripts for agg and gnash :) As soon as I have those alright I will create packages for BW64. Go me! :P

Thursday, October 23, 2008

:: Linux - rtorrent on Bluewhite64 ::

I don't remember exactly when it happened, but a friend of mine who barely uses Linux once said I should try rtorrent (a bittorrent client), since I was looking for a better client for CLI (console, command line). I gave it a try and WOW, it is good!

So today (almost one year after I first tried rtorrent) I decided to upload the packages I made for my Bluewhite64 machine to the repository. And since I am a nice guy, I also uploaded the libraries the program depends on. If you are interested on it, just follow the links bellow:


OK, I did my good deed for today ;) Now let me find some cookie to eat :D

Changing the subject just a little bit...

It's very nice being able to contribute to the Opens Source/Free Software comunity. Even if the contribution is small like those of mine (creating packages or writing mini-howtos). Things like these make life better, funnier. OK, that might be solely my view, the view of a nerd/geek. People who just buy/use other people's/company's software probably don't feel what we, the ones contributing, feel. Well, perhaps not everyone contributing feel the same way I do, who knows! Yep, perhaps I am just another crazy guy around the corner *LOL*

Later I might upload qcomicbook (a hell of a nice software to read comic books on your computer) to the respository too ;)

See ya

Monday, October 20, 2008

:: Linux - KVirc 3.4.2 - Part 2 ::

OK, since Douglas's presentation was good enough to make me jump into the "patching land", I wrote/created a small patch that can make your life much easier if you want to compile kvirc-3.4.2 on Bluewhite64 against QT-4 (like I did). So, just use kvirc-x86_64-libs.diff.gz and be happy. How to use that? Decompress kvirc-3.4.2.tar.(gz or bz2) and do this:

cd kvirc-3.4.2
zcat PATH-TO-THE-PATCH/kvirc-x86_64-libs.diff.gz | patch -p2
sh ./
./configure (use the options you like best)
make install (you need to be root for this last one)
Isn't that easier than the weird explanation I gave on the other post? ;)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

:: Linux - TcheLinux ::

Yesterday I went to an event from the TcheLinux group. I knew about their existence for some time already, but I never took the time to check on the group and perhaps be part of it. Want to know about them? OK, just click that link on the begining of this post and be happy ;)

The event was for free, or... almost that. People only had to bring 2kg of food (like beans, rice, etc). As they said, the presentations were of beginer and intermediate level. I liked the ones I attended, but in special I really enjoyed the one about Patches (writing/managing patches). Oh, sure, the whole event was about Open Source/Free Software (for those who might be wondering if they were talking about rocket science :P). Really thanks to Douglas Landgraf (sorry buddy, but first time I saw your full name I read "Douglas Gandalf" *LOL*) for the "quilt" tip. That's a very interesting software that I had never heard about. Oh, OK, part of the fault is mine since just now I began to really put a bit of energy on helping the Free Software/Open Source comunity ;)

Tomorrow I should create that patch for kvirc-3.4.2 (just for those interested on compiling it on Bluewhite64).

Ah! Last friday I bought a new keyboard. No, it's not fancy or shiny. It's just a black keyboard, quite cheap, but I am enjoying it. Good "typing sensation", soft, good response, quite "noiseless" hehehehe (not that this would matter much nowadays that my computer isn't close to our bed room) and BLACK ;) .

OK, see ya!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

:: Linux - KVirc 3.4.2 ::

Well, after some long time (at least for me) KVirc got a new release (on 14/10/2008): version 3.4.2. As far as I read it is more of a bug fix release. So, I got the source code to see if I could get it to compile on Bluewhite64. I saw on their site they have packages for Slackware and Slamd64, very nice. But no, they don't have it for BW64. So... there I go again ;)

First I tried to compile it against qt-3.3.8b, that didn't work. OK, most of the blame could fall on me since I am keeping qt-3.3.8b and qt-4.4.3 "living in harmony" (or not so) on the same system. After some time getting punched on the nose I decided to get brave and try compiling KVirc against QT4. What would do the magic is using "--enable-qt4" on the "./configure" step. I did that, no problem. But when it came to the "make" part of the fun I got loads of errors. Talking to HelLViS69 on #kvirc channel, I got some nice tips to try and fix those first errors.

So the first tip was to erase the file "src/modules/help/index.moc"; after that I restarted to compile and got another error. The next tip told me to include a line on "src/modules/logview/logviewmdiwindow.h":

#include QKeyEvent //there should be a "<" before QKeyEvent and a ">" after it

Then, another (and last) error showed up. The tip was to edit the dialog.h file and add:
#include QDesktopWidget //there should be a "<" before QDesktopWidget and a ">" after it

That did the trick. KVirc-3.4.2 is now compiled and packaged for Bluewhite64. Remember, I did that against QT4. I still haven't got the time to test it, but as soon as possible I will do it and report here.

Right now? Oh, I am downloading KVirc 4 (beta?) and will compile it too *LOL*

See ya

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

:: Linux - KDE 4.1.2 ::

OK dokey, here I am, still alive, yes! ;)

Don't worry people, everything is alright on my side of the globe. I've just been quite busy. Oh sure, I forgot to tell you that my son is already born. Yep, most of my being busy has to do with family. The kid is great, he is a beutiful baby and, for now, looks like his father *LOL*. But don't worry, he will be better as time goes by ;)

On the geek/nerd part of my life, KDE 4.1.2 was released on October 3 and on that same day we had packages for Bluewhite64. Indeed, thanks to Coruscant for the quick compiling and packaging hehehehe

But then today I decided to check on KDE-4 dependencies and I found out most of them had newer versions. So I downloaded them and recompiled the whole dependecy tree. After that, yes, a new compiling of KDE 4.1.2 (so it would match/use the new stuff). Right now I have already uploaded all the deps to BW64 repository and I am already re-uploading the KDE 4.1.2 packages.

For those who care to know, Coruscant took 71min to compile and package the deps, against 131min for KDE.

OK, I am tired and need some rest. See ya!