Tuesday, February 19, 2008

:: New life here? ::

Well... we could say... PERHAPS. Yes, as you all can see there is a "little" change going on here.

As I said on my last post (in portuguese), long time ago I used to post here in two languages: portuguese and english. Then I decided to post only in english... and then I got back to posting only in portuguese (pt_BR, nerd stuff). And so... I began wondering about posting again in english.

Why? Well... I have lots of "english speaking" friends, who unfortunately don't know portuguese. Then... I do have even more brazilian friends, of course, but many of those do know english (even if it is just a little). Let's say that I would like to help them improve those english skills ;) And of course, mainly, I want to improve MY english skills. Some of my american/british friends would be glad to correct me when I make any mistakes. And yes, you are FREE to correct me. I am usually OK about criticism (contructive ones are best received), corrections, etc. Like Gambá correcting me on a missing word on my last post ;)

So... welcome all those who are new to my site/blog. And welcome back to all those who were already visitors here. I hope you all enjoy the stay.

Ah, yes... there might be days I won't be on a "english posting mood". But whenever you want to know about something on my site, please just ask. I can translate from portuguese to english or the other way around ;) JUST ASK.

And oh... Welcome Allison, I hope you are reading this ;)

May the Force be with all of you! (this sounds so much better in English *LOL*)

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