Tuesday, February 19, 2008

:: Movies - Chun-Li movie? ::

Indeed! Just read about it. OK, as far as I know, it is not that "new news", but...

What really caught my attention is the fact that Kristin Kreuk (Lana in Smallville, for those who don't know) was chosen to play the leading role, that is... Chun-Li. For those thinking "what the hell is this Chun-Li?", she is one of the characters of the VERY FAMOUS Videogame Street Fighter 2. Another interesting thing is... Chun-Li is not one of the main characteres of that game. The main chars are Ryu and Ken... but... ok ok. After seeing that crappy movie where Guile was played by Jean Claude Van Damme.... oh my.

I do like Kristin. Thinking a bit... and taking her chinese heritage in perspective... she might do well (the looks). But then I do hope she takes LOTS AND LOTS of Kung Fu classes. It's one thing to "play some martial art moves" in Smallville. It would be ANOTHER THING doing martial arts move as a character who ROCKS in Kung Fu (or was that Wushu?), like Chun-Li.

Anyway, I think the movie can't be as bad as Van Damme's one, can it? *LOL*


Anonymous said...

Ok,ok, I can read this in english, but I think that I can´t correct you, because my english is "more or less", hhahahha

kisses on butt and see you monday, ahahaha
Lalau Miranda

PS.: 1 chopp is 4 reals, very expensive to my pocket... :(

Kenjiro said...

Holy crap! R$4.00 for 1 chopp?

Too bad I don't like alcohol, huh? hahahahaha

So far you did quite well with your english, Gambá ;)

Iuri Fiedoruk said...

I loved SF2: Later years :D