Thursday, February 21, 2008

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Hello there again.

Yesterday I was reading some stuff on /. (slashdot) and I stumbled on a post talking about a guy who used to work as a producer on a CNN show (news for the matter). Then I decided to look a bit deeper and reached the guy's blog: Deus Ex Malcontent

To make things short... he worked there and then got fired because of his blog. Yep, ouch, that sucks!

That reminds me of the case of a girl (I believe her name is Sonia, Soninha) who used to work on Brazilian MTV. One day she said, on an interview (for a newspaper or magazine) that she used Marihuana. Baaaaaaam, she got fired. OK, I am not OK with drug users, but ... firing some right of that bat because of that? Creepy, to say the least. And hey... that was MTV, the Music Television "network", which spreads (or used to spread) lots of clips of a bunch of drug users, who also happen to sing/dance/play. Interesting, isn't it?

Yep, the time for good people to do the right thing is not over... but WE are quite late on that. Let's move are sorry asses and do something. Even if it is "small things" like spreading the truth around.

My "new readers" are not aware of it, because everything was in portuguese, but I have been trying to do such things here, on my blog/site. No, I am no big reporter or someone who has been dealing with news/media as the guy from DEM (Deus Ex Malcontent), but I try.

Well, that's enough for now. Let me do something else ;)

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