Friday, October 01, 2010

:: Chromium on Slackware ::

OK, unlike other Chrome/Chromium packages for Slackware we see "floating" around the internet, this time we DO have a Chromium package which is REALLY made for slackware. What's the problem with the other packages? Well they were made like one of these options:
  1. people pick up DEB (or RPM) packages, unpack them, then repack as TGZ or TXZ
  2. people pick up the builds google release, then make packages (TGZ or TXZ) for slackware.
OK, you still don't have a clue for what is the problem, right? Simple to show. Please open your Chrome/Chromium on slackware, then go to any site you can upload files. Now choose to upload a JPEG/JPG file. Yes, your browser crashed as soon as you clicked on that JPG file, right?

"WHAT THE HELL HAS JUST HAPPENED?" You might be asking yourself (or me). I posted a bug repport about that (like many other users, even of many other distros, did). So the good people on google (chrome/chromium team) said the problem is related to libjpeg. They use one version of libjpeg when building their packages (for Debian/Ubuntu or RedHat). Then on Slackware we have a different version of libjpeg. When Chrome tries to create/show the preview for that JPG file you clicked (to try and upload) some sort of "conflict" shows up and the browser goes to hell. They (google) advise to compile chrome from source, which should remove the problem.

So yesterday I finally took time to download all that HUGE source code (more than 800MB) of chromium. Decompressed it, synced with their SVN... and then I compiled Chromium ON SLACKWARE, FOR SLACKWARE.

That said, now we have packages (chromium and deps) for Slackware64-13.1 on the links bellow:


(the above links are all dead now. Please see the post "Part 3")

As soon as I get a VM running slackware-13.1 (32bits) I will get packages for that architecture too.

OK, let me know if you have any problems using these packages, chromium, etc.

Lunch time.

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