Thursday, October 21, 2010

:: Chromium on Slackware - Part 5 ::

Guess what, a quick post to inform that I have updated the chromium.SlackBuild at The 'bigest' change is in regard of something I missed when I first came up with the script. The browser would run very fine, but miorimmax and guax pointed out that the javascript inspector (activated by Ctrl+Shift+J) would not work. So I studied the problem a little bit and found out the 'resources/'d folder was missing in the package. Now that's fixed and the inspector is working ;)

There are also binary packages there, i486 for slackware-13.1 and x86_64 for slackware64-current.

Oh, and most important, my slackbuild was accepted at But, the version which is available there is the old one. Wait just a bit to download it (if you don't trust the script from my github repository) because I have already submited the update to SBo.

OK, job done


Anonymous said...

Sweet dude, but in all your packages the "tab search" feature is kinda dead...
when you type an URL and chromium shows "press tab to search ___" and you press tab and enter the query, it's not passed to the url
e.g.: if i use it with wikipedia, whathever i type to be searched, the resulting url is
(missing the search terms), and it goes like that for any site

Kenjiro said...

Hello there, Anonymous ;)

Another guy told me that. We are trying to figure out what happened, if it is a compile problem (then my fault) or a version problem (then google's fault).

For now I bet on the first option :P

Kenjiro said...

I checked chromium bug reports and this is an old one.

It is a problem of chromium vs gcc-4.5.x. So I am recompiling the 64bit package using a new flag, let's see if that solves the problem.

The 32bit package doesn't have the issue, since it was compiled with gcc-4.4.3 (slack-13.1)

Kenjiro said...

Yep, that new flag did the trick.

I will upload the corrected slackbuild to github pretty soon.

Anonymous said...

nice man. can you tell me what flag you used?

Anonymous said...

wow, sorry.
did't noticed it in the slackbuid