Saturday, October 02, 2010

:: Chromium on Slackware - Part 2 ::

A very quick post just to share the news. Today I came up with the SlackBuild script for Chromium, plus two new packages, one for x86 and one for x86_64. Ah, and I changed the repository from mediafire to rapidshare.

To download go here (the links are now dead, please the post "Part 3"). It should open a "folder" containing the three files. Download whatever suits you best.

Feedback is welcome, of course.


elleti.brainvision said...

hi man! :)

I try to access the mediafiles dir but it seems to me that there are no file!, what's the matter, please?

see ya!

Kenjiro said...

Oh, sorry for that. The problem is rapidshare has changed its interface, so when you reach that URL I gave it LOOKS LIKE there are no files. But there is a message saying "Galleryview: only pictures are displayed" (with yellow background)

There are two icons on the right of that page. Click the first one (which looks like a list) and the files will be shown.

I think I will write to them asking to change that behavior for the default settings ;)