Monday, June 15, 2009

:: More RAM ::

OK DOKEY! So now I have 8GB of RAM. Ok... not a "I have", more like a "my PC has", but... you get the point, right. So now I will be more generous to my VMs and give a bit more of RAM to those in need *LOL*

And to those who don't know much about computers... no, having 8GB of RAM won't do any good to general usage (like surfing the web, reading email, watching videos, ... things regular users do).

I can almost hear my VMs clapping their hands and saying "Hurraaaaaay!" *ROTFL*

I am such a nerd! ;)


Iuri Fiedoruk said...

Wow, how much VMs do you run at once?
8 GB is way too much!

Kenjiro said...

VMs, compiling stuff (like KDE), etc ;)

Till now i haven't been running too much VMs at the same time. "officially" I have been running only a WinXP VM, but that will change. Or... would change. Looks like the last version of VirtualBox doesn't like NetBSD :(