Monday, June 29, 2009

:: Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen ::


Finally the movie is out and BEHOLD, it was released in my city. That alone is a great feat :P . Plus, we have new movie theaters here. Great plus indeed.

Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen have beaten my expectations. I was expecting a movie that would be at least as good as the first one, but it is more. OK, I know people who said the movie sucked, that the first one is better. OK, OK. Everyone has the right to opinions, I respect that. So... all you will see here, as usual, is MY OPINION about the movie. Nice action, good actors, great FX, very nice robots, etc. Does the movie has problems? Of course, more than two or three. But that doesn't make it suck, IMHO.

Points I didn't like (and hey, there are some minor spoilers bellow):
  1. No need for the scene where the little robot humps Mikaela's leg;
  2. No need for the scene of Mojo (the dog) humping the other dog;
  3. That Autobot fighting the Fallen? Too quick for my taste. It (the fight) deserved to be longer;
  4. Too much time spent around the romance between Mikaela and Sam;
  5. I think it is odd that one of the robots was able to desguise as a human. Laaaaame, why all the others couldn't? :(
  6. Again Ironhide, Ratchet and other Autobots showed too little. I would like to have seen more of Sideswipe (or will I have to wait for Transformers 3?)
  7. The "faces" of the twin autobots. Lame to portray them that way.
Points I did like:
  1. More Megan Fox;
  2. More robots (either side);
  3. More Megan Fox;
  4. The story is good enough;
  5. Nice they put Arcee in the story, but she shouldn't be "the Arcee twins" and I would like that appearence to be better explored. Will we see Elita One on the next movie? :P
  6. Have I already said more Megan Fox?
OK, the movie is not going to compete for Oscar of Best Movie. But it is good, damn it. Yes, I would like some battle scenes were shot with a "more open camera/lens" so that we could see the robots better. But at least this was improved since the first movie. Another thing... now we can see the real Optimus Prime in action. Oh, sure! Looks like we have two sets of Constructicons. In the cartoon series from the 80's, the Constructicons were Decepticons which when united formed the huge robot Devastator. We can see the Constructicons (at least they were very alike them) in the movie, landing (more like crashing) on Air Carrier. Later we see another "constructicons like" vehicles merging to form the Devastator.

Ah... and the Devastator participation was... weak too. But not bad.

OK, OK, perhaps I am too much a Transformer fan to rate this movie. Anyway... the movie is good and I think it is one to be seen in the movies. I did that, now I will wait for it to come out in DVD :)

Autotobs, transform and roll out!


Iuri Fiedoruk said...

My points:
- megan fox did some lips curgery and... I did not like the result, too much posing like a porn star. Unnecessary bike scene. She was more nice at first movie.

- Jetfire was my favorite character.. they destroyed him in this movie

- the movie becomes much better in the ending, the former agent and the new friend from college steal the movie from the main couple

- parents in the shooting zone? WTF???

- slow-motion patriotic of helicopter

- slow motion megan fox zoom on lips with silicone

- fast motion fighting to hide special effects, a problem seen in lots of recent movies, such as spiderman 3

- Jetfire was bigger than Devastator

Fun movie, but the exess of problems made it worse than the first, IMHO.

Kenjiro said...

Yep, my wife said the same about MF's lips. I really don't know if she put botox (or anything like that).

Jetfire bigger than the Devastator? Are you sure? I have to watch it again, but I believe he was not that big.

Yes, Jetfire was bigger than most of the Autobots and Decepticons (except for the multi-robots like Devastator or Superion and Omega Supreme, that was the biggest Autobot ever)

The "parents on the battlefield" became sort of a awkward scene. I believe the idea was "decepticons kidnap sam's parents so to force him to deliver the secret", but that stuff just didn't happen. Yes, weird scene.

Again about Jetfire. We have to remember this (movie) is an adaptation. So... changes are supposed to happen. Yes, I really liked Jetfire in the old cartoon and I would like him to show up on the movie in a "better shape", but oh well. As I see it, the way the used Jetfire was not one of the worst things of the movie. The way they portrayed the Autobot twins's "faces" was worse.

And about the fast/slow motion, well... that's completely a Michael Bay thing. Watch other of his movies (first Transformers included) and you will see that too :(