Friday, June 26, 2009

:: X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Game) ::

A nice game, indeed. Good graphics, good playability, easy controlls and a good story. Don't be fooled by the game's name. It is based on the movie, but it's not loyal to its story. Not that it will spoil the fun, not at all.

You can improve Logan's abilities, increase his damage, find new powers/moves, etc. However, the game has some flaws. First, the environment/scenario doesn't let you go anywhere you want; second, the game is VERY linear. It is quite clear they used one of the Unreal (remember the FPS games?) engines. The engine they used is not bad. But the other night I was thinking they could have used something like Assassin's Creed engine. Or perhaps just the game's idea.

What am I talking about? Logan/Wolverine wandering around places which would be populated, not empty scenarios in which some enemies are spawned. Ok, that is not the story of the movie... so this could be used on another game, right? What about another Wolverine game or even an X-Men game? Something along the lines of Spiderman: Web of Shadows, but with much more interactivity. A place (city) where the heroes would face challenges/dangers/enemies but they would have to be careful to not harm innocent people or destroy all the buildings around ;)

Am I dreaming too much? I don't think so. Look at what people did with Prototype (will talk about this one on another post).

Anyway, the game is good. However, to make it more interesting, you will have to finish it, then you will get the chance to play it in HARD level. That's another flaw of the game: I found it to be too easy. I usually play games on the hardest level possible. In this case, I had to choose the "normal" level. Eaaaaaasy. After finishing the game I got the Hard level unlocked, so I decided to play again on that level. Ah! Now you will need to be a real Wolverine. The game spawns more enemies and they are harder to kill. Too bad my friend lent me another game (Prototype) and that's why I quit playing Wolverine (I had finished it already) on the hard level. I think I was almost on the middle of the story :(

OooooK, next stop... who knows? My wife and I are planing to watch Transformers 2 this weekend. Let's see if a movie review pops out ;)

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