Monday, April 13, 2009

:: The Spirit ::


My oh my... how to begin this?

Anyway, two nights ago my wife was too sleepy to watch a nice movie with me, so I put my earphones on, pluged it to the netbook and fired up "The Spirit". At first I thought the beginning of the movie was just something to "throw me off the rails"... to... hmmmmm ... try and cheat me. I wasn't allowing myself to believe the movie was that bad.

And not, the movie is not that bad. It simply SUCKS!

Holy Yoda! How come Frank Miller is that out of his mind? If that's all he can do about comics movies, I just hope he quits NOW.


I wasn't going to post much about this movie, but since psychicist complained about my review... then there it goes.

Have I already sad the movie sucks? Anyway, it astonishes me that good actors/actresses accepted to work on something as bad as this. OK, not everyone will prime for a VERY GOOD movie. Sometime you will end up working on something of lower quality but.... THIS LOW??? Samuel Lee Jackson, who is a great actor (at least I so qualify him), worked on something like that? Damn!

OK, I admit I never read a Spirit comics, so I can't say anything about movie quality compared to comics quality; if it was a good adaptation or not. But I can say the movie is a tremendous trash. Let's take Spider Man as an example. Yes, it is not a very good example when you want to talk about GOOD MOVIES. However, as I said to psychicist on IRC, I consider a movie that entertains to be a good one. If it does more than that... then the "grade" goes higher. The "Spider Man trend" at least entertains me. So... I consider the movies to be AT LEAST good. Yes, I know all those 3 Spider Man movies have flaws, etc, etc. But The Spirit gets to be even worse then those. Do you get the spirit? *ROTFL* (forgive the pun)

For me, the best scenes of the movie are when Eva Mendes is shown almost naked (OK, the character was to be that way, unfortunately the camera doesn't show that much) and when Paz Vega shows up for the first time, dancing in front of The Spirit.

Ah, I said "when she shows up for the first time".... forgive me if I am saying some bullshit here. Like... if she doesn't show anymore. The truth it is I couldn't stand the movie, I quit watching it about its middle. I was even getting sleepy because of that crap :(

Now I write again (remember this post was edited): OVER AND OUT

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