Wednesday, November 19, 2008

:: Linux - Amarok-2.0-rc1 - Part 2 ::

Yeah, right! I thought my amarok+mysql install was clean, nice and dandy. But I was proven wrong. Of course it couldn't be that neat. Mysql-5.1.28rc is (or will be) the "new frontier". So when I was trying to access my photos on gallery2 (yes I have one of those running at home) it just didn't work. Gallery2 wasn't able to connect to mysql. So I tinkered here, there... no good. I restarted Apache (which was running since last morning)... ok I TRIED to restart it. It complained about some mysql libraries. Of course, dumb ass! The apache and php I have installed were compiled against the old mysql.

So I thought "Damn! I have two options: 1- Keep the old version of amarok; 2- use the new mysql and amarok, but then I would have to recompile apache and php" So no, I took another route ;) I decided to try that "embeding/patching" approach the amarok guys describe on that site (last post), but to use it with mysql-5.0.67 (the version I had before messing with amarok). So I just set some stuff here, other there; used the same mysql.SlackBuild script I used yesterday... and crossed my fingers.

OK, mysql compiled nicely, without any problems. Now I had a new mysql-5.0.67 package. Then I jumped to compiling amarok. As I expected, it didn't complain about mysql embeded, compiled nicely... and another package done. Now I had the old mysql (a bit changed) and the new amarok installed. I tested amarok and it was OK (so far). Then it was time to test my gallery2, which also worked.

So... there you go! I will test Amarok a bit more, when I get the time. If I find anything bad, I will let you (and the amarok guys) know ;)

See ya!


Iuri Fiedoruk said...

Kenjiro said...

Bart, thanks for that. I have replied to it already ;)

Iuri Fiedoruk said...

I have dropped Amarok in favor of Qmmp, a pure Qt4 winamp clone.
Also, did you saw that qt 4.5 is going to be lgpl? Now we can develop comercial software with it :)

Kenjiro said...

Yep, you told me that over IM.

That's really good, indeed. I have been enjoying Amarok for some time, but you know I am quite open to some trials/changes, huh?

I will give that qmmp a try ;)