Tuesday, November 18, 2008

:: Linux - Amarok 2.0rc1 ::

OK, today I remembered to try a new svn version of Amarok. Why trying the svn version? Well, because I don't want to run another "old" KDE app (that is, related to QT3). K3B is quite enough for me. And since amarok shouldn't damage anything (an unstable version of k3b can waste cd/dvds)... why not?

So I downloaded it and went to the compile stage. But then I got a "nice" surprise. Now (I was running amarok-1.86) needs a so called mysql embeded. Crap! I had mysql installed, but that wouldn't suffice. So I had to download mysql-5.1.28rc, than apply a patch from Amarok (as it seems) and then build it. For more instructions, please read here.

So after some time tinkering with the build script referenced on the link above, I created my mysql.SlackBuild script and had it compiled, packaged and installed. Then it was amarok's time. So now I have both installed, just still couldn't test amarok.

As I said to some guys on #amarok, I just hope the stable version of mysql-5.1.x (perhaps 5.2.x?) will be released before amarok ehehehehehee

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