Monday, April 28, 2008

:: PC - Vista 64, no thanks ::

Yeah! Right after assembling the new encarnation of Coruscant I installed BlueWhite64, as you already know. Then... since I am A LITTLE addicted to playing games on my PC, I decided trying Vista 64 on it. I got this DVD from my friend (who was not using) and gave it a try.

Well, since I was quite busy at home, I didn't have too much time to really use/test it. Then, when I finally got that time, I decided to test BF2 (Battlefield 2) on it. Result? A "nice" crash. Yep, with bluescreen and all that crap that only M$ can provide you. OK, I noticed the graphics were weird, so I uninstalled the NVidia driver (suposedly stable) and installed the latest beta driver. It worked fine... for some time. On Vista (2D graphics) it was really fine. No more bugged screens as I was getting with the "stable" driver. Then on BF2, it lasted like 2 minutes before exploding again.

So, the drivers for Vista 64 still suck! Then I went to video encoding, that is converting AVI files into DVD-Video. Could I do it? No, no, no. My Nero 7 Premium wouldn't work properly on Vista 64 (so M$ tells me with one of those "nice" messages of theirs).
Bottom line, I wouldn't be able to do ANYTHING using that crappy "OS". So this weekend I talked to the same friend, returned his Vista 64 and he lend me Vista 32bits. Since he is not really using it (he still runs WinXP)...

I installed it yesterday, installed BF2 and installed Nero 7 Premium. Last night I already encoded one video and this morning I tested BF2 for about 15min without a single bug or crash.
OK, I know it is not all M$'s fault. But they always play some part on the crap, don't they? :) NVidia and the other guys making drivers... please you either do something decent, or you simply don't do anything.

Enough of this. I've got a laptop (not mine) which needs a WinXP reinstall.

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