Wednesday, April 23, 2008

:: PC - Microsoft and its bullshits ::

Well, it happened by accident. Last week I found out MSN doesn't allow you to send messages containing certain URLs. For instance, I was trying to send the link for those pictures on the last post to a friend, then I got a message saying it couldn't be delivered. OUCH! I tried it again, and again... tried some other URLs, but they worked. Googlepages's URLs are blocked!

I don't know if any other URLs are blocked, but I know those ones are. Doubting me? Try sending a message to a friend with the following URL --> <-- then tell me the restults ;)

I tried using Live Messenger; a friend tried using amsn; and another using Kopete.

Happy now? I am not! M$ and its bullshits all over the Matrix... errrrr.... internet and market ;)

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