Friday, February 13, 2009

:: Linux - Disk encryption ::

No, I don't fear the FBI, RIAA or any other crap like that. Why not? As far as I know I have nothing to hide. However, I don't like the idea of somone stealing my computer (unfortunately that could happen) and then getting access to the data inside of it. Do I have any "sex tape" saved there? Am I a pedophile? Have I stolen software from someone? NO! The answer is NO to ALL THOSE QUESTIONS. I just don't want MY stuff flying around. All data I decide is worth sharing, I share. The rest, is mine.

I wouldn't like to see pictures of my family floating around the net. "ah, but you posted some of you pictures here and there". Yes, I did! But I chose only a few pictures to be posted, NOT ALL OF THEM.

That said....

Starting yesterday I began to play with disk encryption. I already use file encryption, but disk encryption is something totally... bigger. With the "little" help of some documentation I did the job just fine. Which docs? This and this. Following those, I got my whole hard drive encrypted. It was pretty easy. I won't get into details because those docs are too damn easy to understand. Once again, thanks alienBOB for writing them. And thanks toledo for the tips you gave me.

I was planing to write more on the subject, but since I have a little boy on my lap (my son), I just can't right now.

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