Wednesday, November 19, 2008

:: Linux - Amarok-2.0-rc1 - Part 2 ::

Yeah, right! I thought my amarok+mysql install was clean, nice and dandy. But I was proven wrong. Of course it couldn't be that neat. Mysql-5.1.28rc is (or will be) the "new frontier". So when I was trying to access my photos on gallery2 (yes I have one of those running at home) it just didn't work. Gallery2 wasn't able to connect to mysql. So I tinkered here, there... no good. I restarted Apache (which was running since last morning)... ok I TRIED to restart it. It complained about some mysql libraries. Of course, dumb ass! The apache and php I have installed were compiled against the old mysql.

So I thought "Damn! I have two options: 1- Keep the old version of amarok; 2- use the new mysql and amarok, but then I would have to recompile apache and php" So no, I took another route ;) I decided to try that "embeding/patching" approach the amarok guys describe on that site (last post), but to use it with mysql-5.0.67 (the version I had before messing with amarok). So I just set some stuff here, other there; used the same mysql.SlackBuild script I used yesterday... and crossed my fingers.

OK, mysql compiled nicely, without any problems. Now I had a new mysql-5.0.67 package. Then I jumped to compiling amarok. As I expected, it didn't complain about mysql embeded, compiled nicely... and another package done. Now I had the old mysql (a bit changed) and the new amarok installed. I tested amarok and it was OK (so far). Then it was time to test my gallery2, which also worked.

So... there you go! I will test Amarok a bit more, when I get the time. If I find anything bad, I will let you (and the amarok guys) know ;)

See ya!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

:: Linux - Amarok 2.0rc1 ::

OK, today I remembered to try a new svn version of Amarok. Why trying the svn version? Well, because I don't want to run another "old" KDE app (that is, related to QT3). K3B is quite enough for me. And since amarok shouldn't damage anything (an unstable version of k3b can waste cd/dvds)... why not?

So I downloaded it and went to the compile stage. But then I got a "nice" surprise. Now (I was running amarok-1.86) needs a so called mysql embeded. Crap! I had mysql installed, but that wouldn't suffice. So I had to download mysql-5.1.28rc, than apply a patch from Amarok (as it seems) and then build it. For more instructions, please read here.

So after some time tinkering with the build script referenced on the link above, I created my mysql.SlackBuild script and had it compiled, packaged and installed. Then it was amarok's time. So now I have both installed, just still couldn't test amarok.

As I said to some guys on #amarok, I just hope the stable version of mysql-5.1.x (perhaps 5.2.x?) will be released before amarok ehehehehehee

Monday, November 10, 2008

:: Linux - KDE-4.1.3 ::

OK, better later than never, right? The post is late as was the packages making. Anyway, last week I got KDE 4.1.3 packages done for Bluewhite64. If you'd like to test it, please go here -> <-

It took me longer to release these packages because I was a bit dumb by then *LOL*. Thing is I had messed with my system in order to install an application (don't remember the name) which required QT-3. Even by telling it to use '--with-qt-dir=/usr/lib/qt-3.3.8b' the damn thing wouldn't compile. So I had to create some symlinks.... and the thing is I forgot to remove those symlinks. Result? Well, kdebindings-4.1.3 wasn't enjoying those symlinks, thus giving me a "nice" headache. I finally found the reason of my headache (my stupidity). I removed the symlinks, put everything back to normal and voila, kdebindings-4.1.3 was compiled, thus allowing me to release the whole set of packages.

And as a bonus (or loads of bonuses), this time I released the kde-l10n set of packages too. So if you are not a lover of the English language, you can choose another. Hopefully your "mother language" will be there :)

Please let me know if everything is OK or not.

On another note, today I was trying to compile pinentry against QT-4, but that wasn't possible so far. Why recompiling that? Well, pinentry, on BW64 (and Slackware too) has the "pinentry-qt" program, which, as far as I understand, is used by KMail and Dolphin (or Konqueror on KDE-3.x.x) to work with encrypted files (or to sign messages/files/etc). But pinentry LOVES qt-3 :( So that's one of the reasons I have to keep qt-3.3.8b installed on my system.

My computer just finished compiling, packaging and installing k3b-1.95 (from SVN). Let's see if that will be one less app to require qt-3 from me ;)

I'll let you know when I have more news .

See ya