Tuesday, September 02, 2008

:: Movies - Vantage Point ::

Yet another good movie: Vantage Point. My cousin got this movie on the video store, watched it and said it was pretty good. So he lent me DVD and I took it home to watch with my wife as soon as our little princess would be sleeping. Well, I said this before: pregancy is tough stuf. My wife was tired and didn't hold on much longer, so she was asleep before the middle of the movie.

NO, NO, NO! Vantage Point is not boring. It's really a good movie, as my cousin said. I really enjoyed the way the story is told. All characters are well played. Too bad I have become a smartass when it comes to movies. I could guess some small parts of the movie, but that didn't spoil the whole fun.

Hey, Dennis Quaid, beware, you are getting old, man ;)

And.. hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmm watch out for that girl (Ayelet Zurer).

So, here is another of my "movie advices" hehehe This a very good one. Go for it!

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