Thursday, September 04, 2008

:: Linux - Timing KDE 4.1.1 compile ::

OK, as promised to psychicist and to you guys, here goes the result of my "experiment". First I compiled KDE 4.1.1 using 'make -j4' and it took 136m3.569s (136 minutes and 3.569 seconds); then I tried 'make -j8' and it took 126m16.009s (126 minutes and 16.009 seconds).

Now, you tell me. What's best, '-j4' or '-j8'? ;)

Ok, enough geek talking for today ;)

Ah, sure! I promised the URL for you to download KDE 4.1.1 packages for Bluewhite64, right? There you go:

Have fun!

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