Tuesday, September 02, 2008

:: Movies - Wanted ::

No, no, I am not "Wanted, daed or alive!". I am talking about the movie Wanted, which I watched last Saturday night.

To be begin with, people, remember it is based on a comic book. Yes, the movie is a bit crazy; it is a mix of Sci-Fi and Action; but it is good. At least, in my humble opinion (IMHO), it is a very good movie. Although the story is not that much creative, I liked the story telling. I won't say much more than this. I could, yes I could. But I am not willing to spoil the movie for those who haven't watched it yet. Here in my city it hasn't reached the cinema yet :( Yep, crappy cinema, crappy cinema!

Oh, James McAvoy did well on this movie. I have seen him on The Chronicles of Narnia, but I really don't remember him. Sorry, fellow! To tell the truth, when I saw that image (this one on the left) in front of the cinema (yes, the movie poster is there for a month already, but the movie hasn't arrived) I thought "ouch, that must be an action movie and I bet the main character is a big, tough guy." Hahahahaa, it was really interesting seeing James McAvoy in the main role. Good job.

Uh.. What? Do you really think I should talk about Angelina Jolie's role on this movie? Well, let's be quick: she is a damn great actress. Ah yes, of course she looks great. Those who know me.. well, they know I am a big fan of Mrs. Jolie. Enough said ;)

If you can (as in "yes, there is a decent cinema in my city/tow", stop reading this and go watch the movie :P

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