Tuesday, July 15, 2008

:: Being a nerd rocks ::

Yep, being a nerd does rock! News from the front? Yesterday I downloaded, compiled and installed Linux kernel 2.6.26, quite fresh from the forge. Yeah, I had some problems to fight, but they were quite "small". It had been some time since my last kernel compiling, so I was a bit rusted ;) . My first mistakes led me to a system without DVD support *LOL*. So I couldn't read DVDs nor write them. But now everything is cool.

Today's news are about KDE 4.1. I don't remember the exact date but, last week I installed KDE 4.0.85 (a 4.1 wannabe). Today I found out KDE 4.1 rc1 (4.0.98) is out. Yep, it was released today! So I already downloaded the source codes and Coruscant is already working hard to have it running :) Till this very moment I have the following modules compiled, installed and with the respective packages (for Bluewhite64 or Slamd64) created:


... and the time elapsed since the bigining of the compiling has just reached 1hour ;)

Let's see how good (or bad) is this version. From what I "heard" on the #kde channel, the so lovely keyboard shortcuts are still not working. CRAP!

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