Friday, July 04, 2008

:: Does it suck being useless? ::

Well, I don't know. But I do know that being unemployed sucks! Was I fired? No. At least NOT YET. A good friend of mine got fired today. Why? Well, most likely because of this posts's title. Was he useless? No, far from it. HIS BOSS IS USELESS.

Most people know how these things work, right? You have a job, where you "lead" some people. You know nothing (or barely nothing) about the job; when people need you, you say something like "the system is down, I can't help you right now" (when in fact the system is working perfectly); you do shit, but you blame some of those you lead. Then you realize someone on your workgroup does know a lot about the job; worse, you would like all the people on your workgroup would kiss your ass, but you realize that same person doesn't do such things.

What happens then? Well, you have someone on your workgroup who works more than you, knows more about the job than you and is not an ass kisser..... YOU FIRED THAT PERSON, right?!?

Yeah, I am not in a good mood today because of that crap. I just hope that person's boss realize the kind of employee they have on that department (the chief of the dep.).

Optimus, my friend, may the Force guide you on finding a BETTER JOB, with a decent boss (IF you won't be the boss this time :P ).

Changing the subject just a little bit...

Nova, as soon as I can I will write you telling how this "table soccer" is played and I will add some pics of people play it. Oh, perhaps I manage to make a video of it ;)

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