Monday, July 19, 2010

:: The Book of Eli ::

Hmmmmmm... The Book of Eli is a movie which surprised me. I don't know if it is because I haven't read about the movie; or because I began watching it not expecting much.

By the begining the movie looks/feels like "I am legend", but pretty soon will notice it's not like that. I really enjoyed the action scenes. Man, what a blade Eli had ;) But what really caught my attention was the references to THE BOOK, its "power", its "use". Comes hand-in-hand with many things I learned/believe.

A really good movie. Worth watching!

Worth buying? Well... only if, like me, you would like to see those action scenes again ;)


Rafael said...

Gosto é gosto, e isso não se discute, se critica. :)

Odiei esse filme.

Kenjiro said...

Olá Rafael.

Eu sou mais do ditado "Gosto é gosto, mal gosto não se discute" hehehehe

Mas diz aí, por que não gostaste do filme?