Friday, August 29, 2008

:: Movies - The Fountain ::

Man... that's a crazy movie! I watched it last night. My wife was too tired so she couldn't watch it to the end. I held on and did it. Well, I don't know but.. perhaps I would have to watch it again to measure it better. I liked the movie, since I have some level of spirituality (or so I believe). You have to watch it with an open mind and willing to try and find hidden meanings. Good job from Hugh Jackman. I like Rachel Weisz, but this role didn't ask much of her skills.

Well, since the movie ended almost at 2 in the morning... I am quite tired/sleepy now. So... here ends my report ;)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

:: Movie - Jumper and Chaos ::

What's up? I am alright here. Well, this quick post is to talk about two movies I watched recently (one on last Sunday and one last night). Respectively, Jumper and Chaos.

Despite of Arthur - a friend of mine - saying the Jumper was bad, I tried it... and I really enjoyed it. Very good movie. Very good special FX and the story is good, at least for my taste. OK, it's not one of those movies which might be chosen to try an Oscar, but it is good, PERIOD.

I just think - my wife thinks the same - Hayden Christensen might have some problems with his voice, because as far as we remember it was a bit better when he played Anakin Skywalker hehehehe But it's ok, he did well on this movie too.

I don't remember Arthur saying anything about Chaos, but I bet he would say it is not that good too. I liked the action, the story and it almost surprised me, really. A good job by Ryan Phillippe and also Jason Statham. Sorry, Wesley, not that you are not a good actor, but the role didn't require much, right?

Well, I liked these movies and I recomend them to you.

As soon as I get time to watch more movies, I will comment. I am sorry if I haven't writen as much as you would like, but if anyone thinks I whould write more about the movies, just let me know ;)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

:: Quick updates ::

Hi there! Just some quick updates on what's been going on. I updated some information on my blog. I noticed some errors here and there (there might be more *grin*). I also took off some crap and added some more ;) As you can see the "Wonder women" section is gone (no, not because my wife told me so *LOL*, I just felt like deleting it). And no, I haven't turned to the Pink side of the Force. I also added the Hardware list, that is... to list the current hardware inside Coruscant; I changed the OS (Operating System) which is no longer Slackware Linux for some time. But don't worry, Bluewhite64 is just like Slackware, I am only running on 64bit wheels now (for some months alreay).

And I'd like to say that playing Call of Duty 4 on a Nvidia 9600GT is so much better than on a 6800GT *LOL*. Holy graphics! yes yes, I know a 9800GTX or 9800GX2 or 280GTX would be better. And yes, I am accepting donnations of that kind, thank you very much!

Other than that... job is the same, income is the same, bills are the same (or worse some times) but we finally chose the new boy's name. Don't worry, I'm not telling :P

OK, see ya for now!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

:: Some nice gadgets ::

OK, it's nothing new, not at all. But today I got myself thinking about some nice gadgets we are now used to. Take cell phones for a start. Not too long ago they were "gadgets for fancy and rich people". Nowadays any punk can have one. No, nothing against punks, at least not against the good ones ;) . I have a Nokia 7060; I can listen to radio on it, take pictures and EVEN make/receive phone calls *LOL* Some fancier (and not cheaper) cell phones can store loads of data, work as a MP3 player, record videos, etc, etc.

Now one of the most usefull things I have: a USB key or, as we call it in Brazil, a pendrive. No, I don't have those "big" pendrives. I only have two which can store 1GB each. I have one for serious things (like job things) and another for whatever I want to use. Damn they are usefull.

Do you remember those crappy floppy disks? Believe it or not, there are people using those crappy things, even today. Yep, I swear! Before my last PC upgrade I even had a floppy drive on my PC, just in case someone would come with one of those disks asking me to open some file. And to think I believed they would start to die in 1995, when the Iomega Zip drives landed in Brazil (in fact they showed up here a bit earlier). But nooooooooooo! Since zip disks were expensive, the damn floppy drives survived.

Then came the CD-R and CD-RW disks. OK, now I was certain the floppy would die. No, damn it! They were stronger than a tank. People kept using them. Not everyone could afford a CD burner, and... every damn PC was still coming with a floppy drive. Then came the DVD burners, and hey, they are quite cheap these days. But what I believe is really, FINALLY killing the floppy crappy drives are the USB keys/pendrives.

OK, pendrives are not as cheap as a floppy disk but... wait a minute! You don't need a special burner to write to a pendrive. All you need is a USB port and you are ready to go! Plus, the amount of data you can store on them? The access speed (read/write)? Bye, bye floppies, you are late to arrive in hell.

What else? Webcams? hmmmm no. Well, at least they are not usefull TO ME. I do have one (remember that mini-howto I created on the linux section?) which my father gave us. But I used it... just a few times. It's there "sitting" on my desk, next to my monitor, just "taking dust". Wireless (or cordless) mouse/keyboard? No thanks! I don't like them. Why? Well, I only use my mouse and keyboard when I am actualy in front of my monitor, that is on my desk. So I don't need to go far. I just HATE when the batteries of a keyboard or mouse goes off. I just can't imagine myself playing on the computer then the mouse or keyboard dies. I would go "MOTHER PEEEEEEEEEE!!!!". No, no thanks. And oh! my corded mouse is lighter than any cordless mouse I saw till now. So... NOOOOOO THANKS!

Another great thing, but it wouldn't be categorized as "gadget" is Virtual Machine. Yep, it's not a gadget since you can't touch one. Well, that's the way I see it. But hell Virtual Machines are usefull. Me, for example. I have hmmmmm four or five VMs on my Linux box. I have two Slackware Linux, a Windows XP, a OpenBSD and a NetBSD virtual machines installed inside my Bluewhite64 Linux. What good for is all that? Well, I can learn about those OSs, I can use them for tests, to work, etc and I don't need four or five separate computers. No, I am not dumb! If I wanted to run all those OS at the same time, I would need five computers. With VMs, I only need one. Ok, it has to be quite a powerful computer to have all those VMs running at the same time, but... even then it is cheaper than having five computers ;)

So, is all this post kindda silly? Hmmm perhaps, but I was in the mood to write it anyway ;)

Friday, August 01, 2008

:: Linux - KDE-4.1 is out, and I did my part ::

That's it! KDE 4.1 was released on July 29 and since that very day I am running it. Only today I had time to post. Another good reason to post is to celebrate the fact that I am giving back a little to the free software community. How? Well, I got KDE 4.1 source codes (and the dependecy softwares), compiled everything, created the packages for Bluewhite64 Linux and... waited. After talking to arny, the maintainer of the distribution, he gave me access to upload the packages to his server. So, if you want to test my packages, check here.

Call me silly, but I am happy for being able to help a little bit.