Wednesday, August 20, 2008

:: Quick updates ::

Hi there! Just some quick updates on what's been going on. I updated some information on my blog. I noticed some errors here and there (there might be more *grin*). I also took off some crap and added some more ;) As you can see the "Wonder women" section is gone (no, not because my wife told me so *LOL*, I just felt like deleting it). And no, I haven't turned to the Pink side of the Force. I also added the Hardware list, that is... to list the current hardware inside Coruscant; I changed the OS (Operating System) which is no longer Slackware Linux for some time. But don't worry, Bluewhite64 is just like Slackware, I am only running on 64bit wheels now (for some months alreay).

And I'd like to say that playing Call of Duty 4 on a Nvidia 9600GT is so much better than on a 6800GT *LOL*. Holy graphics! yes yes, I know a 9800GTX or 9800GX2 or 280GTX would be better. And yes, I am accepting donnations of that kind, thank you very much!

Other than that... job is the same, income is the same, bills are the same (or worse some times) but we finally chose the new boy's name. Don't worry, I'm not telling :P

OK, see ya for now!

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Anonymous said...

Ae Kenjiro.
So eu o Chacal;
Eu queria te perguntar uma coisa.
Tu ja uso MACOS em PC?
Li alguma coisa que a versão 10.X funciona.
To perguntando isso pq tem um tal de VMWare Fusion pra MACOS que detona.
Ele oferece compatibilidade com DirectX 9!!! Ou seja ele é muito mais poderoso que o VMWare normal.
Qual o teu MSN? Manda ele pro meu e-mail: