Wednesday, August 27, 2008

:: Movie - Jumper and Chaos ::

What's up? I am alright here. Well, this quick post is to talk about two movies I watched recently (one on last Sunday and one last night). Respectively, Jumper and Chaos.

Despite of Arthur - a friend of mine - saying the Jumper was bad, I tried it... and I really enjoyed it. Very good movie. Very good special FX and the story is good, at least for my taste. OK, it's not one of those movies which might be chosen to try an Oscar, but it is good, PERIOD.

I just think - my wife thinks the same - Hayden Christensen might have some problems with his voice, because as far as we remember it was a bit better when he played Anakin Skywalker hehehehe But it's ok, he did well on this movie too.

I don't remember Arthur saying anything about Chaos, but I bet he would say it is not that good too. I liked the action, the story and it almost surprised me, really. A good job by Ryan Phillippe and also Jason Statham. Sorry, Wesley, not that you are not a good actor, but the role didn't require much, right?

Well, I liked these movies and I recomend them to you.

As soon as I get time to watch more movies, I will comment. I am sorry if I haven't writen as much as you would like, but if anyone thinks I whould write more about the movies, just let me know ;)

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