Tuesday, October 03, 2017

:: Vector Sigma 2.0 is alive ::

Hello there ladies and gentlemen, I am here to announce that Vector Sigma has reached version 2.0. What are the new improvements since version 1.5.6?

The most important additions:
  • Now Sigma has a Galaxypedia (242 topics for now). With the "tell me a random fact" command (or just "galaxypedia"), Sigma will randomly choose a topic from the Galaxypedia and tell you about it
  • It can tell you about commodities present in Elite Dangerous (329 commands for now)
  • It can tell you about the materials/components used by the engineers (119 commands for now)
  • It is now capable of managing a multicrew.
Of course, you must have more than one TTS (Text to Speech) voice enabled in your Windows. Right now I have the following voices installed in my PC (all english voices):
  • David
  • George
  • Hazel
  • Mark
  • Zira
This way Sigma is able to manage 5 crew members (as far as you have those)

Check the video bellow for a "brief" demonstration:

Of course all the other commands have been kept or improved ;)

Did you like what you saw? Wanna try it?

Really like Sigma and would like to contribute?

See ya, Commanders!

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