Saturday, December 13, 2008

:: Games - Need For Speed - Undercover ::

Just a very quick post about Need For Speed - Undercover: THE GAME IS A VERY HIGH AMMOUNT OF CRAP! Yes, I said it. I had installed the damn thing and decided to give it a try tonight. Maaaaan that's really crappy. Why? Let's begin (and end) by the game control. My M$ Sidewinder Precision Racing Wheel becomes very crappy when I try to use to control the car. The steering wheel is too damn sensitive. I even brought the "sensitivy value" on the game to 0%, but it sucks just as before. And no, don't tell me it is my steering wheel or my windows settings to be blamed. I was playing Race Driver: GRID 2 minutes before trying NFS-UC. On GRID the controller works perfectly, so... once again EA Games and the sucking franchise called Need For Speed desapoints me.

Oh well, the best game they ever did was called NFS-Most Wanted.

OK, NFS-UC already uninstalled. Less useless space being wasted on my hard drive.

See ya and remember, keep away from NFS-UC


Anonymous said...

Cara, esse game foi portado do console pro pc, não tinha como ficar bom. Te digo por experiência própria: Esse game é MUITO mais divertido no Xbox que no PC. E olha que não sou fã da série NFS (o último que eu gostei foi o 2).

Kenjiro said...

Tarcisio, creio que TODOS os NFS foram portados do console pro PC. Só que uns ficaram bons, outros não. Este último é a prova suprema dos "não bons". Até vou checar com um outro amigo se ele conseguiu jogar com o volante, pois comigo foi um martírio.

Anonymous said...

Pensa pelo lado positivo, tudo indica que não sera mais a EA que vai produzir a série NFS. :)